Phases of a Website Design

The Analysis Phase
The prior phase of website development is to know the requirement of website. Your first question is why website is necessary? And you should be thought of answer first so you are already preparing even before thinking of going further. The answer of this question is very important as websites are going to showcase entire Business. A prior focus should be analysing on why your trade needs a website and the answer can be to endorse the business, increase revenue, promote better customers service, provide information or sell a product. If the goal is on making website as part of the system then how this web enabled system will support the existing system or business, all questions should be based on the analysis. Analyzing requirements will lead you to make clear business perspective and end user needs. Make flawless classification about your target customers and prepare such functionalities that user will like and comfortable to use. Stay away from assumption about you knows what a customer wants.

The Specification Phase
With any jigsaw puzzle we truly need a picture on the box to know what the final thing will look like that we are putting together. A detailed Planning is an approach towards getting detailed strategy of the website and a document which defines what has been agreed will be built. Focus should be on the menu and sub menu hierarchy, location and structure of the content and the linking scheme between all the pages. During this phase, designer decides what technologies should be implemented. Elements such as interactive forms, ecommerce, flash, etc. are discussed here.These things are essential to be solved at first stage. Team of designer gets clear information about what should be presented and the developer concentrates on functionality.

Design and Development Phase
After gathering information up to this point, it’s time to determine the look and feel of website. Based on the wireframes created during the last phase, designers work to create very inimitable interfaces that not only match branding of customers, but are also effective in achieving their objectives, such as increasing revenue etc. Designers should look at websites from not only a design/development perspective, but must ensure that the final web site will match customer’s needs and taste. The focus is on rich user Experience and Usability both.

And once website design takes final place, the next state is web application development. The developmental phase is the place where the website for the first time begins to take real shape. The developer team takes care of all graphic elements made from design team and imbeds them to create a real functional site. In this phase pages are created, effects are built in, images are produced, gateway scripts are written and any other programming requirements are produced. Developing a website is all about having a lot of technical knowledge and programming. Content is also rooted for the website in this phase. A professional content writer or customer himself can write the content for website.

Testing And Delivery Phase
This phase involved Testing and Delivery of the site. Web design and development experts check all Images, Videos, Visual Effects, links, and complete functionality of forms or other scripts. Team ensure that the site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.
Once everything is ok team of professionals upload the website on server using FTP or any other technology. This phase is the official launch of website, as it is now viewable to the public

Regular Maintenance
A website never gets completed because it always needs maintenance and it should be updated according to new technologies and information. Web design and development team have to always check the website after specific period to ensure if it’s working or not
All in all, your web designing company should work closely with customers on a very similar process to this one. A good working relationship with customers, including an open line of communication, is important to for a successful web site that will help customer’s to grow their business and high CSAT.